About Us

Our Expertise

Amagufa Solutions Limited is a boutique consultancy firm focused on helping our clients develop and protect strategically based digital concepts and intellectual property assets; e.g., games, trade marks, copyrights, artistic works, entertainment formats, etc.

Our work focuses on improving existing concepts and developing new solutions for businesses and organizations as well as complex solutions relating to local and international digital commerce, digital design, digital marketing and digital communication.

Our expertise covers digital brand creation, concept development and legal optimization and protection of digital assets; either as standalone services or as full packages.

We are also helping our clients in the digital community comply with the ever more complicated Privacy Regulations and rules for the handling of personal information set by SROs, national legislatures, regional and international organizations, etc. - including the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation introduced by the EU.

We are working with companies and organizations in local and international markets.